"Find the beauty in everyday with the acai lifestyle."
"Find the beauty in everyday with the acai lifestyle."
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About Us

"Natures remedies of beauty and healing for hair and body." 


Our mission is not just to create another beauty brand; it’s to create a lifestyle. The Acai Berry is an essential pillar of our vision as its nutrient rich abundance has provided people all across the world with a natural and healthier way of living.

The acai hair care system was developed and formulated to target and solve specific hair needs. Each product was carefully created to bring your hair back to its natural beauty by providing your hair much needed nutrients. 

Acai berries have become a huge hit within the health & beauty industry, and for good reason. Acai berries, also known as "super food" are filled with more vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, and fatty acids than any other fruit out there. They're also known to provide serious hydration, strengthening and protecting properties. 

By not using harmful silicons, parabens, or sulfates and only utilizing high quality ingredients, luxurious aromas and fragrances, our acai hair care system provides salons and other professionals with a line of hair care that exceeds expectations with unbelievable results. 

So, whether you're a LA local or someone who is California dreaming, Acai embodies life's natural remedies of beauty and healing, what it means to live hair body nature.


"Find the beauty in everyday, live the acai lifestyle."