"Find the beauty in everyday with the acai lifestyle."
"Find the beauty in everyday with the acai lifestyle."
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Turbo Dryer

Turbo Dryer

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This Turbo velocity blow dryer will take you to the next level by exploring proper airflow. We have designed our dryers by using a signature advanced technology that generates more negative ions and eliminates static better than most brands, resulting in smoother and healthier hair. These dryers also eliminate static and smooths the hair's cuticle and sealing in your hairs natural moisture and shine, leaving your hair silky, smooth and healthy.


  • Professional DC Motor 
  • 3 Heat Settings (cool, warm, hot) 
  • 2 Speed Settings (low, medium, high) 
  • Impact & High Temperature Resistant Plastic Outer Case 
  • Cool Shot Function
  • Removable Back Filter Cover 
  • Rapid Drying Time 
  • Cord Guard with Hanging Loop 
  • Ionic Technology
  • Helps Control Static & Frizz 
  • Soft Touch Outer Material
  • Concentrated Airflow Attachment 
  • Easy Grip 
  • Suitable For All Hair Types 
  • Dual Voltage 
  • Power: 1875w 
  • Voltage: 125V 
  • Frequency: 60Hz 
  • ALCI Plug (test & reset)


  1. To turn the dryer on, switch the lower toggle switch to 1 for low power, or 2 for maximum power. To turn the dryer off, return to 0. 
  2. The upper toggle switch controls the heat, for cool air use 1, for warm air use 2, and for hot air use 3.
  3. Unplug dryer when not in use. 
  4. These dryers come with an Airflow concentrator nozzle for better results and faster styling.
  5. To use the attachment, please attach it to the dryer safely and confirm that it is securely placed on the dryer for maximum performance.
  6. The concentrator attachment is used to give direct airflow to the areas you want to dry and style. It is best used to get smooth, straight hair.

Our dryers come with a special ALCI plug that helps eliminate over usage and over heating of the dryer and the cord. In case you can not turn the dryer on press the red button to reset the defense mechanism of dryer.

TIP: For faster styling and optimum results use a round brush or a paddle brush with ACAI Moisture Vitality Treatment Oil to minimize frizz and maximize shine.

* 1x Dryer
* 1x Airflow Nozzle
* Safety Instructions with Warranty Card

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